2020-21 Season Details

Registration Dates

Registration for the 2020-21 season is now open and will stay open for the remainder of the season.


All athletes living in living in Abbotsford, Mission, Chilliwack, Hope, and Agassiz must register with the Chilliwack Ringette Association. Players aged 18+ choose which association to register with as there are no residency requirements for this age level.


Division (age as of Dec. 31, 2020)Fee
FUN (4-9)$250.00
U10 (8-9)$475.00
U12 (10-11+)$475.00
U14 (12-13+)$475.00
U16 (14-15+)$475.00
18+ Open$500.00

Ice Times

Chilliwack Ringette has secured the following ice time for 2020-21 season on RINK 3 at the Sardis Sports Complex, Chilliwack. Minor athletes will receive two ice times per week from September to March, with some exceptions when ice not available.

  • Tuesday: 5—6 PM
  • Tuesday: 6:30–7:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 6:30—7:30 PM
  • Wednesday: 8–9 PM
  • Sunday: 10:30—11:30 PM
  • Sunday: 12—1 PM
  • Sunday: 1:30—2:30 PM

FUNdamentals (U7 Program)

Is your child is 4-7 years old? Our FUNdamentals program will be modified this season. If your child can skate on their own and is able to attend an ice time in a physically distanced way, please sign up for the U10 division. If your child needs a helper, we will be offering a FUNdamental parent/tot program in the fall depending on interest. FUNdamentals get one ice time per week.

Registration for the U7 program is now open.

Questions & Answers

Updates Sept 9, 2020 – in red

Q:  There is so much information, where do I start?

There are a number of resources on our website’s COVID-19 page.  Ringette BC’s document “Return to Ringette Guidelines” is a great starting point.  From there, read these FAQs, speak with someone from the COVID Safety Committee or a Board Member, or send an e-mail to

Q: I have questions! Who can I talk to?

Chilliwack Ringette Association has stuck a COVID Safety Committee.  The Committee is comprised of Julie Wilson (COVID Safety Officer), Dyan Kinar, Shannon Bettles, and Mike Kinar.

If you have registration questions, please contact

For COVID-19 questions contact:

Q:  What is a “Progression”???

Ringette BC (Return to Ringette Guidelines) has created 5 progressions that align with the ViaSport 4 Phases of Return to Sport.  Each progression tells the associations what ringette activities are allowed*.  Ringette BC can move up or down at anytime, based on the current health situation in BC and direction from ViaSport or the Provincial Health Authority.

*allowed—this is the maximum activity allowed.  Restrictions from the City of Chilliwack, the specific facility where the activity is being held, the board, and the individual teams may limit the activities.

Q:  Who decides what rules are being implemented?

This is not a simple answer, but here we go:

  1. Provincial Health Authority and Worksafe BC create safety guidelines.
  2. Ringette BC composes “Return to Ringette Guidelines”.  This document was submitted to the Provincial Health Authority and Worksafe BC for approval.  Once approval was received, the document was released to the ringette associations.
  3. While Ringette BC was composing their Guidelines, the City of Chilliwack was composing their safety protocols.  The City’s safety protocols contained a site-specific protocol for each facility. City safety protocols may be different from an outdoor tennis court to and indoor gymnasium.  Also, Sardis Sports Complex Rink #3 may be slightly different from Rink #1/#2 and will most likely be different than the Chilliwack Coliseum.
  4. Chilliwack Ringette Association reviews the documents from the City of Chilliwack and Ringette BC and creates our safety protocol based on the most stringent requirements of the two.

There are many ‘voices’ impacting our Safety Protocols.  It may be frustrating hearing phrases like:

  •             This could change anytime.
  •             This is a ‘live’ document
  •             To the best of our knowledge…
  •             As of now…

Unfortunately, these statements are the truth:

  • There are many organizations involved with CRA’s rules. 
  • Sometimes the organizations will have different rules. 
  • CRA must follow the most stringent of the rules.
  • Having the athletes on the ice, playing ringette, having fun with their friends is our 2nd Priority.
  • Keeping our athletes, coaches, volunteers, families, and community healthy and safe is our #1 Priority.

Q:  Where can I find more information?

There are a number of resources on-line.  For Ringette specific question, try these links:


Ringette BC has advanced into Progression 2 (Return to Ringette Guidelines), which allows practicing with no contact and does not allow travel between associations, evaluations, or team formation.

We are anxious to get our athletes back on the ice; skating, improving their ringette skills and socializing (from a socially-accepted distance) with their teammates.

When Ringettte Progression 3 is announced (projected to be mid-September), game play in cohorts (four teams) will be allowed once they are scheduled by the league. Scrimmages amongst our own club ‘squads’ will be allowed as well. It is expected game play in cohorts can resume sometime in October. Ringette BC has yet to release the specific safety plans for Progression 3, there will be some modifications to team size and protocols.

Q:  What do we have to do before we enter the rink?

Players must indicate their attendance at an ice time at least 48 hours prior to an ice time through the Team Snap App.

Arrive at the rink 15 minutes before your ice time, wearing most of your gear. If this is your first ice time, bring your signed waiver forms. Before entering the rink, players will attest to a health check (questions asking if they are feeling well). Players can put their skates, gloves and helmets on inside the rink and then enter the ice surface. Bring your filled waterbottle.

Q:  My parents are in from out of town. Can I bring them in the rink with me to watch their grandchild play ringette?

Sadly, no. Ringette BC has restricted spectators to 1 adult/parent per athlete.  This adult must have completed a Code Of Conduct before entering the rink and must sign-in at the attendance tracking station.  In fairness to the person in charge of attendance tracking (a parent volunteer), entry/exit/swap of parents/spectators during an ice-time is not allowed. 

Q:  Do I have to stay and watch my kid practice?

It is strongly recommended you stay.  The number of coaches has been limited by Ringette BC and the City of Chilliwack, so a parent/guardian being present is essential if the athlete needs to leave the ice for equipment repairs, skate tightening, bathroom breaks, etc.

Q:  Do we need to wear face masks?

Current recommendations are that you should wear a mask when you cannot keep a safe social distance.  Coaches and volunteers will wear a mask when they cannot keep a safe social distance at any Chilliwack Ringette Association activity.

Q:  What is the timeline to get back to the way things used to be?

There is no timeline set for this.  Movement through the Ringette Progressions will be dictated by Ringette BC and implemented by Chilliwack Ringette Association through consultation with our members and the City of Chilliwack.

Q:  I understand this is a strange year with many unknowns—what can I do to help?

First off—thank you!  Your help is critical in making this year a success. 

Teams will need coaches, managers, Attendance Trackers, volunteers to move athletes’ shows and coats, sanitizing equipment, and more. 

The Association is always looking for volunteers to assist on committees or sit on the Board. Please contact your team manager or coach, or any of the current board members.

Q:  My child is overwhelmed and not sure if they want to play Ringette…

This is an understandable emotion and reaction to these uncertain times.  Nothing is the same as it was a few, short months ago.  As adults, it is sometimes staggering what is going on in the world, it must be even more confusing and scary to a child…

All we can say is that we are following the best advice given to us by our governing bodies. We are also keeping registration open all season, so you can join at a later date if you are feeling apprehensive. Rules and procedures are put in place to keep people safe to the best of our abilities.  The health, both physical and mental, of our athletes is our 1st priority.